Discover tantric secrets!

You might have heared about  "tantra" and "tantric massage" but what exactly is it?

Tantra was an ancient science developed in Asia originally aiming for enlightenment. Body consciousness, sensuality and erotic interaction were cultivated for body, mind and soul balance originally for further spiritual developement. Having its roots as far back as 5000 B.C and its biggest impact in India around 1500 A.C it strongly influenced hinduism, taoism and buddism.

Precious essentials have been preserved through the times: informations about the chi energyflow, special anatomy knowledge, techniques on makeing love and giving erotic massages as well as the art of respect and careing for the other sex. All of them are still to be integrated into our modern western culture.
Tantric massage how we practise it was refined by Berlins most known tantric master, Andro Andreas Rothe.

Our tantric massgages have been developed from tantric traditions and focus on riutal and refinement. Tantric elements will give you a glimpse on original tantric ecstasy.
Trust and devotion are important elements in tantric massage. Find yourself in an athmosphere of sensuality whith increased body consciousness, intimacy and adjacency if you wish to. This could be your next step into a new world of experiences. A playful, careing way expanding your personal sensuality and sexuality. Experience the yet unknown.

We mostly encounter our daily duties with tension and stress for we have to rely on carrying out each single step with powerful intention. Our well elaborated plans of acheiving our goals and maintaining our livestyles urge for a balance. Regeneration and relaxation follow completely different principles: dedication, non- intention and mind resting.

If you stroll in nature on a sunny sunday morning and you open up for the beauty and width of the ambience new strength will assemble for your daily life.

Relaxation, vitalization and regeneration while strolling have the same source as tantric massage.   We all know the feeling of coming home, letting loose, and ease our stressfull busy minds.

Exhale deeply while you take your time. Feel your shoulder and back relax through expert massage. Gentle, fluxionary stokes bring tranquility to your body, the breath gets deeper and prickly sensations switch with complete relaxation.
When did you feel the sensibility of your fingers the last time when being massaged attentive? What a prickly sensation when your head and face is being softly touched, a gentle wind sweeping over your body or a soft shawl creates a shiver.
Exotic essences, soft music, attentive touches and aesthetic  perspectives will adress all your senses. Beauty is more than decoration but a quality of the heart. Every day life will stay outside.

Get inspired by our tantric massages and rediscover your sensivity and your own love for yourself.
In full body contact your mind and soul will relax. All happening is in the moment, here and now. There is no obligation for acting, you do not have to do anything.  . Trust and adjacency builds up by attentive touches. You will feel deeply accepted and assumed while receiveing without activity.
Naturally building up trust and dedication takes time. This phasis of heart opening varies from person to person. The masseuses´ warm presence and attention with her soft and careing touch in an athmosphere of time and tranquility will create a space for opening up.

Open up for this very special experience of receiving tantric touches, of relaxation and well-being! Accumulate new power and energies through a tantric massage ritual.
Our massage institute "Atelier Kunstgriff" offers tantric massage services now for many years in Leipzig City. Many of our guests have enriched their lives with tantric massages. We offer tantric and tao massages for women, couples and men.