immersing into the space of massage means:

experiencing relaxation

feeling deeply touched

arriving and feeling accepted

letting go of daily preocupations


filling up with new energies

sensing, appreciating and lovin your own body


When did you last feel the sensibility of your fingers when being massaged attentively? And what prickly feelings arise with the head being softly touched. Can you feel how back and shoulders relax when being firmly gripped, how soft strokes can bring the body into quietness while the sensations of soft shivers and total relaxation take turns?

Everyone, young or mature and no matter what sex has the desire to be touched deeply.

Is it a wonder that massage is one of the eldest healing techniques in the world ? Massage techniques that emerged from Asia and east Africa have been practised for hundreds of years and were applied for relaxation and to alleviate discomforts in the past.


We become an idea of mankind's huge need for touch, relaxation and wholeness by watching the growing offers for wellness and body consciousness worldwide. But what does wholeness in a massage setting mean?
For us one´s life quality can not be separated from sensual and erotic experiences.
And here our offer comes in, presenting sensual massages in an unique new and holistic blend.
In an athmosphere of sensuousness and attentiveness you can experience our tantric massages.
We combine an ample body massage with a loving, caring and professional intimate massage. Arrive in your body, feel accepted, experience relaxation and rest in your own unique sexual and sensual perception.
This is what we mean with a holistic massage. Indulge yourself in sensuality, let go and feel invited to this special journey. In every single massage you will feel our well trained and qualified touch and our excitement for sensual experiences.
Be heartly welcome, female, male or couple in our massage temple.