What is tantra and tantric massage?

Tantra mostly is known as "far east sex practices" but actually tantric massages have nothing to do with sexual intercourse. Tantra is an ancient far east science investigating the relations between body, spirit and soul. Sensual pleasure is not excluded, but cultivated. Tantra also is a way of living respecting all living creatures and focussing on a holistic perception of what is and what is desired.

Our tantric massages emerge from this tradition. In an atmosphere of sensuality and caring love we want to create a space in which the wholeness of your body as well as new sensual impressions can be experienced.

Your whole body is a sensual instrument which pays off when played upon.

All senses are addressed by fragrant flavours, soft music and a beautiful sight.

Swayings, playful, soft and effectual, relaxation and well being alternate with tingly shivers.

From tip to toe your whole body will be touched relaxing the soul and easing the mind more and more.

It is our heartfull wish that our guests experience tantric massage as a source  deep relaxation, security and well-being.